Self fulfilling prophesy?

War isn’t something to take lightly. It’s hideous, people die, lives are destroyed. Politics is a serious business. It affects lives and hopes.

Its clear to me that the situation in Syria needs some serious political solution involving allies and enemies. It isn’t enough to bomb and hope that the politics falls into place and peace arrives.

So when I see the House of Commons playing simple politics with complex issues I worry. I also worry when members of the Parlimentary Labour Party stop thinking and reaching for bombs.

The Iraq war and subsequent failure to provide sound political and civil structures created the ground for ISIL to be born. The people didn’t want the war. Our politicians did. And they got it wrong.

So when  I see the political class tearing the Labour Party party apart because they want to drop some bombs on an enemy – without a political end game in sight – then I get worried.

I’m old enough to remember the Cold War.  I can remember the underlying fear of the impending nuclear war. I don’t remember NATO or a NATO member shooting down a Russian fighter. So when I see this, and no real sense that anyone knows who the sides and enemies are, how they are aligned or who is backing each side then I can’t see that we are ready for war.

So there are different views out there. Views that need to be heard and considered rather than being dismissed as some kind of political suicide.

So, please, stop the hystrionics and work out the solution to the whole problem, sort out the alliances, stop the flow of money and then have a vote.

Just don’t assume that we, the public and the membership, are clueless. We aren’t and right now we don’t seem to back another war…

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