I get that terrorism is a blight on humanity

I get that civil war is hideous

I get that nations have strategic concerns in the world that they need to address

All of that is complicated. Add in refugees and economic migrants and a bunch of hate and ill tolerance and a bucket of ignorance and, to me, Syria is a place to be a peacemaker and not a warmonger.

There are too many things afoot, too many views and opinions around with people who have the the weapons to make really bad things happen to get too involved without thinking clearly.

Today saw a couple of cautions aired. Turkey has shot down a Russian jet – that’s a NATO member shooting down a Russian jet…

Secondly there was a news story on the ‘Rythem of bombing in Syria’. Essentially the piece illustrated that no one is trying too hard to destroy the murdering scum in Raqqa, and certainly their action isn’t doing much to deal with a home-grown terrorist threat in the West.

I would back action in Syria under the following circumstances.

  1. There is a sound and agreed plan for the aftermath.
  2. There is agreement between Russia and NATO about the action to take.
  3. The backers of the murdering scum are held to account.

Without that we are trying to stop a fire by throwing petrol on it…

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