Brexit again

I’ve not posted for a while. Well over a year in fact. That’s a long time. Derby have a new manager (Frank Lampard) after appointing and losing Gary Rowett (shame. Almost.).

and still Brexit isn’t done.

Again, we have discussions and debates about which type of Brexit we should have. What then people wanted and voted for. How much better no deal is than a bad deal.

And yet, truth be told, a bad deal is a disaster for the country. If you don’t believe me, read the government assessments.

It’s taken over two years, plus two prime ministers and two Brexit secretaries to get to this point of a negotiated divorce agreement.  And we have a few pages on a future relationship that will be worse than membership of the EU. These things are self evident, supported by Government assessments.

Yet we persist.

And at the same time the UN inspector says that the UK has 1.5m people living in destitution. That’s all on the heads of the UK government.

Leaving the EU won’t solve this major stain on our country.  It needs a change of hearts, minds and bodies in government.  And it always has done, despite what people may have told you…

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