Daily Archives: 26th June 2016


I like to comment on the absurd and daft normally. But this Brexit thing has got me riled. Really riled.

So here are some thoughts and points. I don’t expect you to agree or comment or anything. Frankly if you voted out I don’t want to know you:  you’ve voted on the basis of lies, untruths and an odd sense of something.

You’ve made the far right happy. Your decision has already led to hate being heaped upon people.

Mid you voted remain then you’ve been let down – massively let down – by the political class who are now ‘just getting on with making the best of things’ by working together to vent spleen and stab each other in the back…

  • not everyone who voted leave is a nationalist or a racist but you supported a position put forward by nationalists and racists
  • Farage wanted to get Britain out of the EU – now he wants to destroy the EU…
  • the EU isn’t perfect but it’s played a massive part in delivering peaceful transition from dictatorships of the left and right to democratic systems
  • if immigrants are to blame for your problems then you aren’t seeing your problem – a lack of services and hospitals and doctors and school places and houses is the fault of successive governments
  • you vote for cuts and you get cuts
  • there may be an n missing from the above
  • removing migrants from an area will reduce – directly and rapidly – funding for the NHS in local areas. It will reduce funding for school places.
  • I hear that people want Britain to be great again. No one knows what this means or how to achieve it because it is abject bollocks
  • voting leave has raised the prospect of the Northern Ireland peace process being derailed
  • the people of Gib voted to stay. If we do leave their position as part of the U.K. will change
  • the prospect of leaving the EU has raised the possibility of Scotland leaving the UK
  • Cameron, Osborne, Corbyn, McD, etc. failed the campaign
  • Boris and Gove and IDS and Farage are opportunists without a plan
  • can anyone explain what control is?
  • if you want to live in a democratic system then the UK isn’t really it… Largest legislative body outside the PRC is the House of Lords – unelected
  • we have an unelected ahead of State who has been in position for 60+ years
  • the Baby Boomers had the best this country had to offer – jobs, growth, education, prosperity, health, pensions, unearned income from privatisation and house price increases. They largely voted to have their cake and eat it, again damaging the prospects of the young…

Im sure there is more I could say.  I may or may not. But I won’t forget…  I still feel sporting success and failure years later. This is a political decision that isn’t reversible.  This is different.